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Episode 1
Episode 1.png
English Title Lesson 1
Airdate Oct 11, 2014
Theme Music
Opening "Bonjour♪Magic"
Next Episode Episode 2
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On the first day of school, the main protagonist, named Sayuri, becomes friends with Ran, her roommate; and later on meets Tsubaki, a girl who doesn't seem to like her. While the two were having a little quarrel, a guy called Ryou, who was passing by got mad at them because they were blocking his way. In the middle of the commotion, the principal heard and scolded them and later, told them to go the opening ceremony. Tsubaki and her friends quickly ran away, leaving Sayuri, Ran and Ryou behind. When they were gone, Ryou came to Sayuri and he told her that she resembled somebody he knew, but before she could ask who she looked like, he walked away. After Ryou left, Ran told her an important rule the school has; love relationships are forbidden. Afterwards they went to the opening ceremony where all the new students were introduced to the beautiful teachers.