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Episode 2
Episode 2.png
English Title Lesson 2
Airdate Oct 18, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Bonjour♪Magic by Les*Fleurirs
Ending Yasashisa wo Tsutsumikonde by Ryou Kouzuki and Mitsuki Aoi
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Next Episode Episode 3
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At the first lesson of the day, everybody's pairs will be decided through using the Japanese lottery and each team will work together to make their best confection. Sayuri found out that she ended up with Ryou, which she wasn't really happy about since he got pretty mad the other day. When they were about to start making their dessert, Ryou tells her that he would do everything and that she should just stay quiet and watch. Sayuri was persistent, telling him that they should work together, and does her best to help. Meanwhile, the teachers show off their skills, amazing everyone but Ryou isn't losing to them.