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Episode 7
Episode 7.png
English Title Lesson 7
Airdate Nov 22, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Bonjour♪Magic by Les*Fleurirs
Ending Yasashisa wo Tsutsumikonde by Ryou Kouzuki and Mitsuki Aoi
Previous Episode Episode 6
Next Episode Episode 8
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Haruno was trying to make cream puffs just like Gilbert's, but no matter how many times she tried it she couldn't make it just as perfect as his.

While she was walking back home she sees Mitsuki making sketches of the flowers. He told her that he got more inspiration and ideas by doing this. Afterwards he asked what was in her bag. Haruno told him those were cream puffs and also asked if he could taste them. Then they talk about how much Haruno liked their chocolate shop when she last visited it together with Gilbert. After hearing this Mitsuki told her that he can teach her a few tricks for making cream puffs sometimes and leaves. Not knowing that Ryou was watching them.